CS + X Degree Programs

Always at the forefront of computer science education, the University of Illinois has designed a new degree option, called CS + X, that allows students to pursue a flexible program of study incorporating a strong grounding in computer science with technical or professional training in the arts and sciences.

Computing is ubiquitous, with application areas in virtually any field imaginable – from developing gene-sequencing algorithms, to designing methods for high frequency trading, creating computer-generated graphics and special effects, analyzing social data from internet communications, and creating embedded real-time systems for medical devices.

In fact, according to the National Science Foundation, "[K]nowledge of computer science and computer programming is becoming a necessary skill... in marketing, advertising, journalism, and the creative arts."

After earning their CS + X degree, our graduates are poised to launch their career or pursue graduate studies in a wide variety of fields.

CS + X Programs:

Please note that students interested in the Mathematics or Statistics programs with Computer Science should apply for the Mathematics & Computer Science or the Statistics & Computer Science degrees.

CS + X General Degree Requirements Flowcharts

See also: Prerequisite Flowchart and Course Planning Forms

29-30 Computer Science Courses
1 CS 100 - Freshman Orientation (recommended)
4 CS 125 - Introduction to Computer Science
3 CS 126 - Software Design Studio (Students entering prior to fall 2016 take CS 242.)
3 CS 173 - Discrete Structures
4 CS 225 - Data Structures
4 CS 233 - Computer Architecture (Students who have completed CS 231 and CS 232 need not take this course.)
4 CS 241 - Systems Programming
4 CS 374 - Algorithms and Models of Computation (Students who have completed CS 373 and CS 473 need not take this course.)
3 CS 421 - Programming Languages & Compilers
12-13 Mathematics (may also fulfill the General Education Quantitative Reasoning I and II requirements)



MATH 220 - Calculus or

MATH 221 - Calculus I

2 MATH 225 - Introductory Matrix Theory
3 MATH 231 - Calculus II

Select one of:

STAT 200 - Statistical Analysis

STAT 212 - Biostatistics

CS 361 - Probability & Statistics for Computer Science (recommended)

(Students who completed STAT 100 prior to fall 2016 need not take any of these courses, though CS 361 is still recommended)

Minimum of 24 hours LAS Discipline coursework
  An additional 24 hours of coursework in one of the following Liberal Arts and Sciences disciplines: Anthropology, Astronomy, Chemistry, or Linguistics. Coursework must be chosen in consultation with an advisor and approved by the LAS department. Must include at least 12 hours at the 300- or 400-level.
Total of 65 hours minimum  

Twelve hours of 300- and 400-level courses in the major must be taken on this campus.

All LAS foreign language requirements must be satisfied.

A Major Plan of Study Form must be completed and submitted to the LAS Student Affairs Office by the beginning of the fifth semester (60-75 hours). Please see the computer science advisor as well as the advisor in your LAS discipline.

Prerequisite Flowchart and Course Planning Forms

NOTE: Students following the CS + Astronomy and CS + Chemistry requirements should take MATH 241 Calculus III after MATH 231 Calculus II. We will post a different flowchart for these programs soon.

Prerequisite flowchart.

Course planning form provide a checklist of all requirements for the major and a framework for creating four-year plan on the back of the form. These forms vary, depending on when you entered the major.