OPT Training Process

Primary Contact: Maggie Metzger Chappell

Note: If Maggie Metzger Chappell is not available, either Viveka Kudaligama or Kara MacGregor can assist in her absence.

OPT is for graudate students who are on an F-1 visa and wish to complete one year of practical on the job training after graduation. In order to start the OPT training paperwork, students must follow the steps below.

  1. Review information available at the International Student Services (ISSS) Office OPT website.
  2. Submit the OPT request through the ISSS electronic portal (iStart e-form).
  3. The CS Academic Office serves as the "Official Advisor" when it comes to applying for OPT training. The Academic Office will
  • Verify student has the degree requirements.
  • Indicate the student's anticipated graduation date.
  • Sign the form.

It is recommended that students plan at least 90 days in advance when applying for OPT training.