2017 C.W. Gear Outstanding Junior Faculty Award

Established by alumni, friends, and former students to recognize contributions and services of Charles W. Gear, head of the department from 1985-90. Gear was a pioneer in automatic numerical methods. He wrote the operating system for ILLIAC II, developed the first successful general program for solving stiff differential equations, and a landmark program for automatic integration of ordinary differential equations.  The Gear Awards recognize outstanding undergraduatesgraduate students, and faculty. The Faculty Award is for outstanding research and teaching.

Aditya Parameswaran
PhD, Computer Science, Stanford University
CS @ ILLINOIS Assistant Professor

Aditya Parameswaran develops algorithms and systems for human-in-the-loop data analytics, using techniques from data management, data mining, and user interaction. An expert on data management and data mining, Parameswaran is the author of a book on large-scale crowdsourcing, 2016’s “Crowdsourced Data Management: Industry and Academic Perspectives.” 

In his most recent research, Parameswaran is developing multiple powerful, intuitive, and novel tools to unlock the hidden value inherent in large datasets, independent of a person’s programming or analysis skills.  These include the Zenvisage visual recommendation tool, the DataSpread scalable spreadsheet tool, and DataHub, a collaborative analytics tool.

His work has earned a number of awards, including the NSF Early CAREER Award, the IEEE Technical Committee on Data Engineering’s Early Career Award and multiple best-dissertation awards for his exploration of the difficulties that arise when using crowdsourcing for big data problems.

Parameswaran joined the University of Illinois in 2014, after earning his PhD from Stanford University in 2013 and spending a year as a postdoctoral scholar at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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