Sohaib and Sara Abbasi Professorship in Computer Science

Sohaib AbbasiSohaib Abbasi, BS 78, MS 80, and his wife, Sara, established the Sohaib and Sara Abbasi Professorship to enable the department to maintain its stature as one of the nation's premiere departments and give students the opportunity to learn from a world-renown computer scientist and educator. They have also endowed the Sohaib and Sara Abbasi Computer Science Fellowship.

Sohaib Abbasi has been Chief Executive Officer of Informatica Corporation since July 2004 and chairman since March 2005. Under his leadership, Informatica is now the largest independent leader in the data integration software category. Abbasi was named Chairman of the Year as part of the 2010 annual American Business Awards in recognition of his leadership achievements and contributions. Prior to joining Informatica, Abbasi worked at Oracle Corporation for 20 years, most recently as a member of Oracle's executive committee and as Senior Vice President, leading two major divisions, Oracle Tools and Oracle Education.

Abbasi Professor Roy H. Campbell came to the Illinois' Department of Computer Science in 1976. Since that time, he has had a significant influence on the areas of operating systems and security. He defined and implemented Path Pascal programming language for a variety of systems incorporating concurrency and synchronization. He designed Choices, one of the first object-oriented operating systems, showing how object orientation can be used to customize an operating system to different platforms and application requirements.Roy H. Campbell

Campbell designed and led the implementation of a number of distributed operating systems and middleware in support of dynamic, adaptive, distributed, ubiquitous applications. His work on the Gaia system supported pervasive/ubiquitous/context aware applications that can adapt themselves to the available distributed resources in a new location and can be migrated with mobile users and groups of users. He was instrumental in the department being named a Center of Excellence in Information Assurance by National Security Agency. He is director of CARIS, the Center for Advanced Research in Information Security.