Alumni Awards Past Recipients

The Department of Computer Science annually recognizes outstanding alumni and faculty through the CS @ ILLINOIS Alumni Awards program. The awards honor alumni and faculty members who have made professional, technical, educational, or service contributions that brings distinction to themselves, the department, and the university. Be a part of this tradition: nominate someone you know worthy of this honor, and come back to campus and celebrate with each new class. The Awards dinner and ceremony is held each year in conjunction with Homecoming, making it an ideal time to visit campus.

2014 CS @ ILLINOIS Award recipients. Seated, from left: Alan M. Braverman, Cinda Heeren, Brigid A. Johnson, Parisa Tabriz, Linda Petzold, and Der-Tsai Lee. Standing, from left: Roy H. Campbell, Siva Kumar S. Hari , Michael T. Heath, C. William Gear, Marc Snir, Trevor Mudge, Kenichi Miura, Daniel A. Reed, Franco P. Preparata, Lawrence Angrave, Jason Cong, and Koushik Sen.

Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award

The Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award honors computer science graduates who have made professional and technical contributions that bring distinction to themselves, the department, and the University.

2014: Steve Chen, Jason Cong, Jawed Karim, Kenichi Miura, Trevor Mudge, Linda Petzold, Parisa Tabriz
2013: Chris Lattner and Sandra Rankin
2012: Greg Chesson, Ping Fu, Roger Dickey, Amitt Mahajan, Joel Poloney, Luke Rajlich, Sizhao "Zao" Yang
2011: Mary Jane Irwin, Max Levchin, Mary McDowell

Distinguished Alumni Educator Award

The Distinguished Educator Award honors computer science alumni or faculty members who have made outstanding contributions to computer science education and recognizes alumni and faculty who excel at motivating computer science students.

2014: Lawrence C. Angrave, Cinda Heeren, Der-Tsai Lee, Franco P. Preparata, Koushik Sen
2013: Diane Cook, Milos Ercegovac, and Shan Lu
2012: David J. Kuck, Ran Libeskind-Hadas, Xiaosong Ma, Milos Prvulovic
2011: Baochun Li, C.L. David Liu, Jane W.-S. Liu, José Martínez

Distinguished Alumni Service Award

The Award for Distinguished Service honors computer science alumni or faculty members who have demonstrated an outstanding level of commitment to the department and its students, faculty, and alumni through their support and service.

2014: Alan M. Braverman, Roy H. Campbell, C. William Gear, Michael T. Heath, Duncan Lawrie, Brigid A. Johnson, Daniel A. Reed, Marc Snir
2013: Channing Brown, H. George Friedman, Mehdi Harandi, Sam Kamin, William Kubitz, Steven LaValle, Dennis Mickunas, and Jed Taylor
2012: Geneva Belford, Ari Gesher
2011: Ira Cohen, Dan Peterson

Memorial Achievement Award

The Memorial Achievement Award is bestowed posthumously on those alumni, students, or faculty members whose lives were characterized by remarkable achievement and accomplishment in computer science.

2011: Donald B. Gillies, Erich Hauptmann, Saburo Muroga

David J. Kuck Outstanding Thesis Awards

The David J. Kuck Outstanding Thesis Awards were established by former students and friends in recognition of Professor Kuck's intellectual and leadership contributions. Each year, two awards are given: one for an outstanding doctoral thesis and one for an outstanding master's thesis. Read More...

2012 CS @ ILLINOIS Alumni Awards Winners (l to r): David J. Kuck, Ran Libeskind-Hadas, Sizhao Yang, Roger Dickey, Ari Gesher, Milos Prvulovic, Amitt Mahajan, Joel Poloney, Pooja Agarwal, Xiasong Ma, Robert L. Bocchino Jr.

CS @ Illinois Awards Trophies